We Are Not Our Behaviour

September 21, 2021

What does this title mean? It means that our core Self is not our behavior, good or bad, the behavior we choose is just the tip of the iceberg, who we are is so much deeper and complex than our behavior. Our behavior is fueled by our beliefs and feelings about our self, others and the world. Our feelings drive our behavior and sometimes even keep us from being in our core Self with our own wisdom.

I have been wanting to write something about this for quite some time. As I reflect on why I haven’t until now, it’s clear to me that there is fear coming up for me around saying anything public about this topic, and yet I think this is exactly why it is necessary to say something.

We are all aware that we are living in intensely divisive times. This topic of the vaccine has sent many of our clients into grief, panic, depression, rage, this issue is greatly affecting our collective mental health and well-being. It is sensitive, it is collective, and it is personal in nature, we cannot separate our decisions from the whole of humanity and yet we are only able to really understand what goes on inside of our individual selves. It is tricky. Even as I write this I am aware that some of you may disagree with me and think that this is simple with a simple solution. I will tell you, that from where I sit, having the privilege of being alongside the deepest parts of hearts and bodies each day, this is not a simple issue with a simple solution.

From where I sit, in my privileged seat of a therapist, I see fear being the catalyst to every decision that is being made right now, whether it is for or against the vaccine.

This includes myself. I recognize that the behavior I have chosen in regards to the vaccine is motivated by fear. This pandemic is something that none of us have ever faced before in our life-time. None of us are exempt from the weight of its unpredictability, and the fear of death on any end of the spectrum. Even if you don’t believe Covid is real, the fear of what the otherside is trying to convince you of is a real thing. We are all very human, with a biological drive to survive and we are making our decisions from that place with the best information and intention we can gather.

This is hard. It is hard to understand that we are all coming from the same place. Fear. That is not bad, it is human, it just is, these are unique times. But this fear place and this choice of our behavior is not who we are.

With each person we encounter at Re.Pose, even far before the pandemic we have approached our clients with a curiosity about WHO they are beyond their feelings or behavior. We are not interested in what choices people have made or will make, we are interested in accompanying you in your inmost being so that you can compassionately love yourself and others.

We don’t fall on any side of this debate. We seek to approach each person with genuine curiosity and care, helping them get in touch with their own unique wisdom at the very core of who they are. We seek to know you. All of you. And each of you come from such different places and backgrounds. We endeavor to have Re.Pose be safe for all humans, wherever you come from, whatever decisions you have made or will make. Please know that this continues to be a soft place to land free of judgment and full of curiosity and compassion.

With warmth,

Danielle Braun-Kauffman