Sydney Gruenhage

There is something so sacred about counselling and I am aware of the privilege it is to be with you in your journey–no matter where you are at. I am eager to walk with you through the messiness of life and pursue growth, self-discovery, and curiosity. I aim to cultivate an open space of safety, acceptance, creativity, and warmth in the therapy room where connection can thrive. I believe the body tells our story and true healing often begins when working from the ground up. I hope to provide an embodied practice where you can be truly seen and heard, maybe for the first time ever. I believe counselling can be more than sitting in a chair and exchanging words. It is alive. It can be experiential and creative. It can be loud and quiet all at the same time. Your therapy journey is unique to you and won’t mimic another human being’s experience.

I believe with my whole heart that people are part of the systems in which they live. My approach when working with clients is through a systemic and attachment lens, attempting to understand their roles in family, community, and culture. In my practice, I draw upon Satir, Internal Family Systems, Emotional Focused Therapy, and Somatic-Embodiment work. I passionately work with individuals, kids, teens, families, and couples with a wide range of issues such as grief and loss, relationship issues, life transitions, emotional distress (e.g. anxiety, depression, shame, anger, stress, emotional/mental exhaustion), and traumatic experiences. 

The body is always whispering. Be here, pay attention. We are alive and this is how it feels to be human” – Hillary L. McBride

Additional Training: 

  • Introduction to Neuroscience and the Satir Model in the Sand Tray Workshop – 2023
  • Transforming Trauma in the Sand Tray – 2023
  • Grief Group Facilitation Workshop – 2023
  • Introduction to Embodiment: Theory & Clinical Practice – 2022
  • Neufeld Institute Intensive Level 1: Making Sense of Kids – 2022


Locations: Chilliwack, Online

Availability: Thursdays 11:00am-8:00pm