Kathryn Morelli (on leave)

I have known for most of my life that I was called to become a counsellor. As I pursued my Bachelor’s in Psychology and then my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy, the reason for my calling became more clear over time. I was able to put words and shape to what I believe on a core level: that every person has innate value and worth and many resources, in order to choose to experience change and embrace vibrancy in his or her life. This is transformative in my own life, and enables me to hold hope for each client I encounter. As people, we are a part of the systems in which we live, and so I approach working with clients through this systemic lens, attempting to understand their roles in family, culture, and community. In addition, I draw heavily from both the Satir and Emotionally Focused Therapy models, which emphasize the role of attachment in our relationships and seek to create wholeness, rather than adjusting behaviour.

I work with a wide variety of clients including couples, families, individuals, and children. I have a particular passion for journeying with couples through relationship distress, as well as women facing pre- and postpartum stressors or grief and trauma related to pregnancy and birth experiences. I have grown to believe that the emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, and relational parts of ourselves are deeply connected and are all impacted by pain or trauma. They deserve to be explored and acknowledged in the healing process.

My goal in therapy, alongside of the goals of my client, is to help each individual connect with his or her yearnings and longings in order to experience internal transformation and a greater sense of wholeness, which lead to external changes. I hope to create a space of safety where the client can decide what fits in the process of experiencing change.

Contact: kathryn@reposetherapy.com

Locations: Abbotsford, Online