Joel Meszaros

My journey towards becoming a counsellor was a bit unorthodox. I never thought I would take this path because both my mom and older brother were counsellors and I felt that I had to pick a different lane. However, over the last 10 years I have experienced many seasons of chronic pain and have learned what it means to be utterly broken physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Because of these trials, I have grown a deep empathy for those who find themselves in a similar place and I have felt compelled to come alongside those who are suffering, in any capacity. It also helps that my favourite thing to do is be with people and I believe that when they open up their hearts to me, it is the greatest honour. 

As an intern counsellor currently working on a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy at Trinity Western University, I try to steward clients’ vulnerability by drawing upon Emotionally-Focused Therapy, Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems, and Satir. These approaches help me have a holistic view of what it means to be human and create an environment where it is safe to be one’s authentic self. I long for my clients to understand on a deep level that I am fully in their corner and that change is always possible. By working together, with curiosity and courage, self-exploration, growth, and healing can be within reach. 

Additional trainings:

Master the EFT Tango (2024). A one-day, 7-hour workshop with Dr. Herman Chow, DMin, RMFT. Sponsored by CAMFT, Online, March 23.

AEDP in Action Training: Moving Through Emotional Suffering into Transformational Change (2024). A two-day, 16-hour workshop with Dr. Richard Harrison, PhD. Sponsored by Burnaby Counselling Group, Vancouver, BC, January 12-13.

Intro to AEDP Lecture (2024). A two-hour training with Goretti Faria, MSW, RCSW, CCC. Sponsored by Burnaby Counselling Group, Online, January 8 

Understanding Abuse in Relationships Training (2017). A two-day, 16-hour workshop with Karen McAndless-Davis. Sponsored by End Abuse Program, Mennonite Central Committee, Abbotsford, BC, March 10-11.