A Loving Response to Fear

            This is a very strange time we are in right now.  We understand that when unexpected things happen in our world, there are varying ways that our systems respond to unpredictable events.  We wanted to send you a message that is two- fold; practical and can maybe speak to your hearts.

We are aware that there is a lot of fear and anxiety for many of you right now, even for those of you that don’t usually get triggered by health concerns.  There is an energy of fear in the air that is affecting all of us on some level right now.  We want to leave you with some thoughts to hopefully help you navigate this time.

  1. Fear is a normal response when we feel threatened in some way.  It is biological to feel fear in times like these.  Our nervous system can kick into a sympathetic mode of fight, flight or possibly freeze when we feel there is a threat.
  2. Every response to unpredictable events looks different in every person.  How our brain is wired through our childhood experiences of unpredictable events determines how our nervous system responds.  We cannot expect others to respond the way we are.  There is no formula for this.
  3. This is a time when we need to respond with deep compassion.  Compassion for ourselves no matter how we are experiencing this, and compassion for others in our sameness and difference.

Being with the Fear

Try this: notice the fear, observe it as a physiological sensation in your body.

Notice that it is NOT you, it is an emotion that is visiting you right now.

See if it feels okay to put a hand on this part of your body, or somewhere on your body around where this sensation is.

Notice your breath.

If it feels right for you, see if you can bring your breath to this part of you.

Then remind yourself and your body that it is okay to feel fear, fear is normal and shaming it is not going to help.

Try these words “Fear is an okay feeling to have, it’s okay that you are scared”.

Maybe you want to tap this spot gently or rub your hand back and forth a little bit.

Speak to this part like you would to the most precious child you have in your life, with attunement, permission and tenderness.

You might notice that as you attend to the fear your emotion might get bigger first.  Almost like a wave of sadness, tears or maybe heat or shaking.

When we are trying to hold big emotion in sometimes when we pay attention to it, it has a big release. The release can look different for different people.

It’s okay if your emotion is big around this. See if you can continue to send loving tender messages to this part of you.

This is how we make space for our truth and gently surround it with love.

And breathe, don’t force your breath, but remember our breath is such an important resource that we have available all the time.